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Leon L. Merriman, creator of the game of Manipulation

The original handmade Manipulation Game Board
Enhanced Manipulation Game Board

The Game of Manipulation™ was originally created by my grandfather,
Leon L. Merriman, in the late 1970's.

I remember, my grandfather hand making each game board.
He carefully drilling out each of the playing holes
in a top layer of wood and then merging it with a base layer
with the colored positions to make the manipulation game board.

Many different styles of the game board have been made.

My grandfather obtained a copyright on the Game of Manipulation™ in 1980.

After obtaining his copyright, my grandfather, tried to sell the game to Mattel
and other major league game companies, but was politely turned down.
We still have the original letters he wrote and correspondence he received.

Regardless, the game was played by family and many friends throughout the years.
Everyone enjoyed playing the Game of Manipulation™. My grandma was a fierce opponent
and my mother Lois Merriman still plays the original version of the game today!
My grandfather died in 1988.

The original Game of Manipulation™

The original game of manipulation version used four (4) decks of cards.
Each player used a deck of cards as their counting device.
The card count range was 1 for the ace through 10,
all face cards had the value of 1.

Click here to read the original 1980 Game of Manipulation™ rules.

A new design... Expandable Mind Game System.

In the early 1980's, I started developing a new version of the Game of Manipulation™
that could be mass marketed. The reason for developing a new version was
the cost of including 4 decks of cards in each game was astronimical.

Several design considerations were used:

1. Design the game to be expandable.
In the early 80's Trival Pursuit was very popular and they designed the game to be expandable.
You can still buy various editions of the game.

The Game of Manipulation™ has 3 levels of playing rules: Basic, Advanced and Master.

2. Use DICE, instead of cards.
It took 2-1/2 years to develop the Basic Manipulation™ game rules using dice.

When you take away the count of 7 through 10, it changes the overall ratio
of moves and odds which dramically affects the game outcome.

While developing, the Basic Manipulation™ rules, we enhanced the image of the game board,
by adding some symbology, which was intergrated into the rules as well.

Click here to read the 1982 Basic Manipulation™ Game Rules

Patty King

    Thank you, Patty King for all of your time and patience to test
    the 1982 Basic Manipulation Game Rules with me.

    P.s. Patty, if you happen to see this, contact me!