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The Game of Manipulation - Basic Manipulation Game Rules. Created by James L. Merriman

GAME LEVEL - BASIC: A game of skill and chance designed for ages 8 to adult playing in combinations
of 2 or 4 players, playing separately or in partnership.

OBJECT: To be the first player to skillfully manipulate all of their playing tokens into their home refuge area.

EQUIPMENT: The Basic Manipulation™ Game Set consists of the playing board, 4 white rolling dice,
and sixteen (16) total playing tokens, divided into four (4) colored coded playing tokens:
Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.


Basic Manipulation Game Board Holding Positions

    In each corner of the game board is a differently colored
    "HOLDING POSITION". Each player select one (1) colored token
    having four playing tokens and one (1) playing dice.

    If there are four (4) players, playing separately,
    each player chooses a colored token set and one dice.

    If there are four (4) players, playing as partners,
    the partners sit opposite of each other with their
    chosen colored tokens to their right.

    If there are two (2) players, playing in tournament mode,
    each player chooses two colored token sets
    which are in opposite corners of each other.

    Player 1 uses the Red and Green Playing Tokens.
    Player 2 uses the Yellow and Blue Playing Tokens.

    Each player places three (3) of their playing tokens
    into the respective color holding position and
    one (1) playing token on their colored starting position.


Basic Manipulation Game Board Holding Positions

    To start the game of Manipulation, all player's roll their dice.

    In the event of a dice tie; the players with the
    highest matching score, must re-throw the dice.

    The Player with the highest score on the dice begins,
    by moving their playing token from their Starting Position,
    CLOCKWISE around the outer area of the board,
    the number of spaces indicated on their dice.

    Anytime a player rolls a SIX on the dice,
    they must be able to move their token six spaces.
    Providing a token was move six spaces,
    that player may roll again.

    After the starting player has completed their move,
    the player to their left is next.


Bring out playing tokens from the holding position:
To bring a playing token out from the "HOLDING POSITION" onto the "STARTING POSITION";
a player must roll a one (1) or a six (6) on the dice.

Moving the tokens:
If a player has more than one token outside of the "HOLDING POSITION",
that player may move any one of the tokens, on any roll of their dice,
providing that they will not pass or jump over a token of the same color.


When two (2) players are playing in tournament mode:
Each player may move anyone of their two (2) color sets of tokens, on any roll of the dice,
and can pass their opposite colored set of tokens, they are playing.

Manipulative SIT-OUT
the full value of the dice rolled. That player must sit out that turn
and play passes to the next player on their left.

Manipulative ATTACK.
During the game, a player will encounter that one of the opposing player's token
is occupying a space that they could move onto.
The player may move to that space, and the opposing player's token
must be sent back to their holding position.

Manipulative SET-BACK.
A "SET-BACK" is when a player's dice indicates that their only playable token
will land on a space occupied by a partner's token. The partner's token must be
sent back to their holding position.
This can only happen when 2 players, are playing in a partnership mode.


Saftey Areas: The Beast and Star Beast

    In the center of each outer lane of the playing board is the
    symbol of "THE BEAST" (Orange circles) and directly above
    is the symbol of the "STAR-BEAST" (Purple circles).
    These are the safety areas of the game board.

    When a player is occupying one of the "Safety Areas",
    they are exempt from manipulative attacks or setbacks.

    The opposing player who could have moved onto the
    occupied safety area, must move one space beyond
    and the occupant of the safety area may remain there.

    To enter into the center diamond area.
    A player must first occupy a symbol of "THE-BEAST".


Accessing the Center Diamond Area: The Beast and Star Beast

    To enter into the Center Diamond Area you first must occupy
    the symbol of "THE-BEAST" (Orange Circles).
    The symbol of "THE-BEAST" is also used as the entrance
    into the center diamond area.

    A player must roll a one (1) on the dice to move from the
    symbol of "THE-BEAST" onto the symbol of the "STAR-BEAST"
    (Purple Circles).

    Manipulative BLOCKING
    A player may encounter that an opponent is already occupying
    the symbol of the "STAR-BEAST" which is directly in front of them.
    While the opposing players token is on the "STAR-BEAST",
    a player MAY NOT ENTER the Center Diamond Area.

    Moving within the Center Diamond Area.
    Once a player has entered the center diamond area, they may move
    IN ANY DIRECTION throughout the center diamond area.

    Exiting the Center Diamond Area
    A player can exit the center diamond area at anyone
    of it's entrance points, at anytime.


Center Diamond Area: The World Symbol is a portal to your home refuge entrance

    In the very center of the playing board
    is the symbol of "THE-WORLD".
    It is an automatic portal to your
    Home Refuge Entrance.

    When a player lands on the symbol of "THE-WORLD"
    they IMMEDIATELY MOVE their playing token
    to their Home Refuge Entrance.


Home Refuge Entrance and Area

    When a player has arrived at their "Home Refuge Entrance"
    by the symbol of "THE-WORLD",
    that player has to roll the exact score on the dice,
    equal to the amount of spaces remaining within the
    home refuge area to enter.

    When arriving at the home refuge area from the outer-lane of spaces,
    a player does not have to actually land on the Home Refuge Entrance
    to enter the Home Refuge area.

During the game, the Home Refuge Entrance can be utilized for several different board plays;
besides entering into the Home Refuge area.

1. When playing as Partners

A player may use their partners Home Refuge Entrance, instead of blocking their partners Starting Position and being in danger of a Manipulative Set-Back. The same applies when the parnter is on the Home Refuge Entrance, the other partner may use the Starting Position instead.

2. An Opposing player.

You can only move onto an opponents Home Refuge Entrance, when the opposing players token is occupying their Home Refuge Entrance. Otherwise, you must land on the opponents Starting Position, and possibily endanger yourself for a Manipulative Attack.

Special Playing Rule
When an opposing player makes a manipulative attack on a players token in the home refuge entrance,
the opposing player token is sent back to their Holding Position, however this is a very risky move.

If the player who was attacked, rolls a one (1) on their dice, they can move back onto their home refuge entrance, thus making a manipulative attack on the opposing players token sitting on their home refuge entrance. This move can only be made if you roll a one (1) on the dice, if you roll a six (6) you can only bring out a token from the holding position to the starting position.


Winning The Game

    When two (2) players are playing in tournament mode.
    The first player to have BOTH colored sets of tokens in their
    respective colored Home Refuge Areas, is the winner.

    When four (4) players are playing against each other.
    The first player to have ALL of their tokens
    in their Home Refuge Areas is the winner.

    When playing as partners.
    BOTH partners must have their playing tokens in their
    respective Home Refuge Areas to be the winning team.

    Partners Assistance
    When playing as partners, and one partner has all of their
    playing tokens in their home refuge area, then that
    partner's roll of the dice or turn will assist the other
    partner to get their tokens into their home refuge area.

Original 1982 Rulebook

1982 Limited Edition Rulebook

If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact us.

Take care; that you may not lose all that you have labored for, but that you may win!" JLM

We hope you enjoy playing
the Game of Manipulation.