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To play the game well, you need to know the
spacing counts of the game board.

Game of Manipulation - Game Board Layout

1. From a Starting Position there are 6 spaces to THE-BEAST Safety Area (Orange Circles).
    Likewise, from THE-BEAST (Orange Circles) there are six spaces to a
    Starting Position or Home Refuge Entrance.

In theory, if you rolled eight (8) consective rolls of (6) six on the dice, you could go from your Starting Position and to your Home Refuge Entrance, moving along the outer area of the game board.

2. When approaching your home refuge entrance along the outer area of the board,
    your starting position is not counted as part of your move.

3. Along the inter-diamond outer area, there are 7 spaces
    between each STAR-BEAST symbol (Purple Circles) safety areas.

4. In the inter-diamond area, from the STAR-BEAST symbol (Purple Circles)
    to THE WORLD symbol (Center Circle), there are 5 spaces.

Strategies in game theory.

Informational source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategy#Strategies_in_game_theory.

In game theory, a strategy refers to one of the options that a player can choose. That is, every player in a non-cooperative game has a set of possible strategies, and must choose one of them.

A strategy must specify what action will happen in each contingent state of the game - e.g. if the opponent does A, then take action B, whereas if the opponent does C, take action D.
Strategies in game theory may be random (mixed) or deterministic (pure).
That is, in some games, players choose mixed strategies.

Pure strategies can be thought of as a special case of mixed strategies,
in which only probabilities 0 or 1 are assigned to actions.

We hope you enjoy playing... the Game of Manipulation!

Game of Manipulation - Game Strategy